Host the icons on Google Drive

Here is a tutorial to host the icons on your Google Drive account:

1/ Inside Google Drive, create a folder called “MapIconsCollection”

2/ Right-click on the folder “MapIconsCollection”,and use the “Share” menu, and change “Who has access” into ”Public on the web”

3/ Enter the folder ”MapIconsCollection”

4/ Now download some icons you need

5/ Upload the icons into the “MapIconsCollection” folder

6/ Right-click on one icon, and select “Details and Activity”

7/ This will open a panel on the right side. At the bottom of this panel, copy the URL under “Hosting”

All the next icons you upload will use the same kind of URL.

7 Responses to Host the icons on Google Drive

  1. Stefano says:

    It seems to work! Now I try for a few days and then I go back alive.
    You are a great Nicolas!!!

  2. This helped a lot. Thank you!

  3. Kyo says:

    I would say that sharing picture in PhotoBucket is easier than in GoogleDrive

    • nicomollet says:

      Thanks for your feedback, I will make a tutorial for Photobucket too.

      People prefer to use Google Drive because they are used to it.

  4. Marit says:

    Hey. I did not read this before I read this:
    This project doesn’t allow you to hotlink the icons. Once you found the icons you want to use on your maps, you must host the files on your own server or on a file sharing service like Dropbox and Google Drive.
    But I don`t know how to remove them from my map. I`m sorry.
    Can you help me?

    • nicomollet says:

      Hello Marit

      Unfortunately, there is only one way: edit each place on your Google "My maps" one by one…

      1/ Upload an icon on your server, copy the url
      2/ Edit a place, add an icon, paste the url
      3/ Repeat with each place :(

  5. fannyminka says:

    Excellent guide! Thank you!!

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