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Updated the Google Drive hosting tutorial

Google Drive changed UI the last couple of months, and the tutorial wasn’t accurate anymore.

I just updated the tutorial to reflect Google Drive changes. Please follow the new directions and tell me if everything is OK in the comments section below.

New Google Maps doesn’t have the “My Maps” feature

For users creating their own maps with Google “My Maps” and adding their custom markers, it’s useless to switch to the new Google Maps.

In this current state, new Google Maps doesn’t offer the possibility to create your own maps.

In their FAQ, they say the following:

“My Places, My Maps, and classic Google Maps
Since this is just a preview of the new Google Maps experience, we’re still working on adding features, so not all functionality from classic Google Maps is available yet. If you’d like to see a list of all your reviews, ratings, check-ins, or starred items, you can still load classic Google Maps. You can also access, edit, and delete this content from your Google Dashboard.

We now also have a brand new product for creating custom maps – Google Maps Engine Lite. Users can create powerful maps by importing and adding data onto the map to visualize trends. Check it out at To access your previous My Maps and My Places content, you can click the gear menu [icon] and select My Places.”

Maps Engine lets you create your own maps, but the problem is, it doesn’t allow you to add custom icons: only icons from a default list.

So I suggest to stick with the classic Google Maps for now.

Fixed numbers page

The Numbers page is now working properly, in particular the download function.

Note that I limited their number to 100 instead of 300.

See the four numbers and letters pages:

Numbers, Letters, Symbols pages:

New tutorial: host the icons on Google Drive

I just added a tutorial explaning how to host the icons on Google Drive.

Since new Dropbox accounts (after october 2012) don’t have the “public link” feature anymore, Google Drive is a good alternative.

I need your feedback to help me know if the tutorial has enough details.

Maintenance [update #6]

Map Icons Collection is under maintenance until further notice. You can expect server errors, or missing icons.

I apogogize for this inconvenience, the site is causing server performance issues to my host. I need time to investiguate how to fix that.

Update #1

As I investiguated the cause of the server issues, I found out my anti-hotlinking policy wasn’t working as expected. It seems many people hotlinked, causing huge server load.

Hotlinking is not allowed, please download the icons on your own server or Dropbox

Now anti-hotlinking seems to be efficient, I may enable icon generation again if it was the only problem.

Stay tuned.

Update #2

Now that the server load came back to normal, after cutting all hotlinking, I will enable icon generation again, and test again the server load.

I may cut it again if needed.

Update #3

I disabled the download all the icons at once feature, from the page Creating 800 icons at once is too much for my server. I may enable it in the future.

I also installed a better cache system with “Quick Cache”. It may introduce some bugs, let me know if you find some.

Update #4

There are still some servers issues, I am disabling zip download feature, as a test to see if it’s the only function that causes CPU load.

Update #5

Zip download is still disabled but I created a static zip file so that you can still download all the icons at once, without customization:

Download all the icons

Update #6

The maintenance has now ended.

The site has some features that are disabled or changed:

  • Customize the icons all at once. But you can still download the default icons all at once on the Markers page.
  • Numbers & Letters:
    • Special Chars: this is a new page including only the special characters (for example @ # %)
    • Letters: now disabled, may come back in the near future
    • Numbers: now disabled. This page uses a lot of CPU, if it comes back it will only have a restricted numbers, up to 50. I am afraid I won’t be able to give access to icons up to 100 or 300.
  • New Cache System: there is now a powerful cache on the site. In some cases, the side effect is that icons will be missing when you customize them. I am sorry for that, the cache is the only way for my site to survive on my host.

Now it’s back to normal, my host didn’t kick me out, it’s only because I optimized or stripped almost all the features of the site.

Thanks for your attention.